About Backyard Printing & Secondline Handkerchiefs

Welcome to Backyard Printing and Secondline Handkerchiefs.

Both are under the same roof, and other services as well . We have two four bank embroidery machines that allows us to stitch the same design on 8 items at the same time.  We have an area that we named “the factory” that  has an eight head automatic screen printer, which allows us to print numerous colors of ink on cloth items. We print on shirts, aprons, towels and many others items. 

The business was established in 2006, in my home, after retiring from teaching art at Mandeville High school for 32 years. Quickly I realized that printing in my home was not smart, so I moved to the garage. Then the boxes of blanks and printed shirts were in the garage and in my house…. and that was not working well.

I was able to find a perfect facility near my home in Mandeville and I was able to move my the business to the Surgi street location. My love of learning a new art, helped me expand my services at Backyard Printing. We now offer screen printing, second line handkerchiefs, embroidery, vinyl and sublimation. My team makes this all possible and we all enjoy learning new and current techniques. 

  Secondline handkerchiefs was just an idea that thought I could offer, thinking that I would be serving the New Orleans area mostly.  Once I built the web cart, my first order was from Minnesota  and I was shocked. Needless to say, we have continued to ship to all the states and bring the tradition of the second line parade to all of the United States.

Our Secondline Handkerchiefs website features our handkerchiefs and umbrellas, but we handle custom cloth printing as well. Come visit our location in Mandeville, LA, send us your contact form inquiry, or give us a call!